Moneglia, a small town on the sea, is a Ligurian gem inlaid in a gulf between the Tigullio and the Cinque Terre. The expression “inlaid” actually stems from legends that say the name Moneglia is derived from the Latin monilia, which means jewel. It suits the town that is a rare and precious ornament of nature.

A quiet beauty

The first impression you will get upon arrival to Moneglia is one of a quiet beauty. A feeling of calm and tranquility only gets stronger as you experience the climate and the atmosphere of this town.

When approaching from the sea, you will glimpse the great beauty of Moneglia. The old town is set between high and green hills, and the two promontories of Punta Moneglia and Punta Rospo. It directly overlooks the blue mirror of the Ligurian Sea.

On either side, you will find the two towers of Villafranca and Monelone, like two wide-awake sentries, serving as two extreme points of Moneglia’s scenic beauty.

A holiday in Moneglia promises convenience, as everything is in close proximity.

Everything at your fingertips

From the beach and sea to the city center, gardens and nature, everything in Moneglia is close by at your fingertips. The small size of the town does not feel like there is too little space, but it creates an intimate, serene environment on a human scale.

Moneglia has sandy beaches—both free and fully-equipped—as well as a pedestrian area, and narrow streets running along the coastline that are lined with shops, cafés, and focaccia houses. The beauty of the sea and the town’s care of public places have made Moneglia a Blue Flag seaside resort since 1990.

When you walk through the old town, you can visit some interesting historic buildings, such as the Oratory of Disciplinanti, the Churches of the Holy Cross and St. George, and Villafranca’s Tower. You can also see the Castle of Monleone, which is not to be confused with the fairy tale castle rising in the west that dates back to the early 20th century.

Moneglia is the perfect place to relax on the beach, do some hiking, enjoy delicious food, and stroll through the town center.

The Hotel Villa Argentina is just two minutes from the water and the main street, in a central location that is also very quiet and peaceful.